Why use a QS ?

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Why use a Quantity Surveyor (QS) ?


The engagement of a QS for your project should be seen as a positive move, rather than a "grudge purchase", or even worse, a "no purchase". The fee involved for a QS may not be as expensive as you think and the QS should ideally be engaged as early as possible in the project's life, as they can add significant value, i.e. help you get more for your money, before the design develops too far. The fee involved for a QS on your project, can typically be recouped many times as a result of the cost control input, which is an inherent feature of their professional discipline. Funds are almost always finite for a building project, however overlooking the hiring of a QS should really be regarded as a false economy and the decision to take on a QS should be viewed as an investment, which will more than pay for itself over the duration of your project, from inception right through to completion.


If you are unsure about why you should engage a QS and particularly T J Marshall Consultancy Ltd, please contact Tim Marshall to set up a free initial consultation.


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